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    LIFE COACHING                                 MINDFULNESS

A Tri-session will use Stress Management, Life Coaching and Mindfulness to help give you the life you want, reduce your stress levels and help you succeed in any area of your life.

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Why Life Coaching by e-mail?

E-Coaching is a completely different experience to face-to-face one-on-one coaching. Here are the main benefits. First we'll discuss what areas of your life you want to change for the better, then I will work with you by email to achieve the quickest possible results you seek.

Exactly what we do depends on you and your requirements, but I will generally set reflective exercises for you to complete in your own time, and then we'll discuss your answers. As obstacles arise, we'll remove them. Focus, positive energy and a large array of tools in my toolkit will all help to keep you on track towards your goals.

EIGHT Specific benefits of E-Coaching are:
1. You can work at your own pace - no meetings, no appointments, no close deadlines.
2. You're never "on the spot". You can think things through at your leisure and concentrate on what are the best questions to ask.
3. Unlike phone coaching - you can keep your coaching emails for future reference. 
4. You can print out your emails, then study them in your own time even on the bus or train, before deciding how you want to move forward. 
5. You can spend as much as you like after your first initial £50, funds can be added at £20 per block and remember you can stop at any time.
6. Stop when you feel you’ve achieved what you wanted to achieve for a proportional refund. 
7. E-Coaching is very low pressure and relaxed. 
8. Perfect for anyone who finds it difficult to "open up" in front of someone or people who want to retain a certain anonymity.


How does it work?
Firstly by sending your hopes, ambitions or details of the obstacles holding you back by e-mail, this allows me to read through the comments and think about my advice, instead of having to make instant decisions in a face to face or telephone conversation.  I will then decide if I think this is a good route for you to take to improve the quality of your life.  In my reply I will outline what I feel is the best course of action and possible actions.

Will they just be stock answers about dealing with my requirements?
Definitely not.  You and your requirements will be completely different to anyone else's as we are all unique and require different courses of actions and solutions.  This is why E-Coaching is successful and cost effective as you can take your time compiling your e-mail, which helps me advise in a  concise and professional way.

How much does it cost?
The charge for E-coaching £60 an hour. Studying and replying to your first e-mail - might cost £20 - but it might be less or more. Sometimes I have useful fact sheets which I can send you at the same time which takes almost no time. Other times, it's more complicated. I will never spend more than £50 of your money on any single email, and £50 usually equates to three e-mails from me, I will also tell you what your remaining balance is at the end of every e-mail. I aim to make this cost effective and the perfect way for you to get value for money life-coaching.

How do I pay?
Once we have agreed to work together, I will send you details on how to pay, this can be done by paypal or cheque whichever is easiest for you.

How quickly do you respond to my e-mails?
I will reply to you within a couple of working days, and usually within 24 hours. To maintain your momentum and commitment, I ask you to respond to my emails within seven days.

How do I start?
Just send an e-mail to expressing a desire to be coached in the E-Coaching way, and what you really want to focus on to improve your life, and I will outline how we would move forward together and payment advice.

Why is it called TRI-SESSIONS?
After years of studying and practice I personally found that three things need to work together for the ultimate all round success to happen.  Stress Management, Mindfulness and Life Coaching can and do work well individually, but by bringing all three together, we can take the best parts of each to move forward successfully and quickly.  Being fully qualified in all three areas allows me to coach in this way so hence the term TRI-SESSIONS

Can I cancel at anytime and get a refund?
Absolutely, If you want to stop the E-Coaching at any time, just inform me and I will refund your balance, no questions asked and returned with my best wishes and gratitude for trying the TRI-SESSIONS coaching.

EXTRA  GUARANTEE  -  If after receiving your first paid-for e-mail, you decide it's not the type of coaching you feel happy or comfortable with, then contact me and I will refund your full £50 without any problem or questions asked.

Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on the following e-mail address:
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